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Library Rules

WOHS Library Rules

  1. The library is open from 7:50 am – 3:30 pm daily unless otherwise noted.
  2. I.D.s are not required to check out books, but helpful.
  3. Students may check out 2 library books per person unless prior authorization by the librarian.
  4. Books are checked out for a 2 week period.
  5. Overdue books are sought after on a regular basis, but fines are not charged.
  6. Books that are damaged or lost must be paid for in full.
  7. Laptops are available for use in the library but are NOT allowed outside of library walls.
  8. Computer usage rules (school board) are strictly enforced: no saving on desktops, no changing of screensavers, etc.
  9. Students should ask to print before doing so – school fees cover the cost of copies made.
  10. Students are allowed to eat/drink in designated areas ONLY.
  11. Students should have a hall pass to enter the library during the school day if the entire class is not scheduled for the library at that time.