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Career Information

Louisiana Workforce Commission: Top Twenty High-Demand, High-Wage Jobs

Per Act 238, schools must provide students with information developed by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) regarding the top twenty high-demand, high-wage jobs in the state and in the student’s region.

Please click here to access this information. WOHS is a part of the Monroe Region (RLMA 8).

 Louisiana Workforce Commission Resources 

The Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) offers several tools to support the student planning process.

  • My Life/My Way
    • My Life/My Way is a tool to help students explore the cost of living in different regions of Louisiana and what careers could support their desired lifestyle.
  • STAR Jobs
    • STAR Jobs page is a resource to help find a job or explore different careers.
  • Louisiana Career Planning Guide
    • This guide is designed by the LWC and the Louisiana Department of Education as a tool to assist students at all levels in choosing the classes they need not only to graduate, but ultimately gain employment in a high-skill/wage or high-demand job in targeted sectors within the regions.
  • Ouachita American Job Center
    • The Ouachita American Job Center in Monroe offers services to youth including:
      • Career Planning
        • Assess your reading and math skills
        • Evaluate your career interests and skills
        • Identify the skills you have that match with a variety of jobs.
        • Learn about jobs in demand and rates of pay
        • Get information about employers in your local area
        • Learn about what employers expect of their workers
      • Finding Work
        • Find out about job vacancies (including work experience, internships and community service)
        • Find out how to get a work permit
        • Learn about strategies for finding a job
        • Get help in preparing for job interviews
        • Get help preparing your resumé
        • Post your resumé for employers to see
      • Summer Opportunities
        • Get help in finding a summer job
        • Find out about summer learning opportunities
      • Getting Skills and Training
        • Learn new job skills
        • Improve your current job skills
        • Learn about the world of business
        • Prepare for High School Equivalency (GED) exam
        • Improve your reading, writing and math skills
        • Improve your English skills (ESL)
        • Get information about schools and training programs
      • Other Resources
        • Get help with living expenses while in training
        • Get help finding child care
        • Learn about financial aid for training

U.S. Department of Labor Resources

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    • The Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) is a career resource published by the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. It offers information on the hundreds of occupations that account for most of the jobs in the United States. Each occupational profile describes the typical duties performed by the occupation, the work environment of that occupation, the typical education and training needed to enter the occupation, the median pay for workers in the occupation, and the job outlook over the coming decade for that occupation.

  • Career Outlook
    • The Career Outlook is an online publication that includes articles about specific occupations and industries, types of training and education, and methods for exploring careers and finding jobs. It also summarizes current labor market research and presents profiles of unusual careers.
  • Employment Projections
    • This site includes prepared tables, searchable databases, and technical publications about BLS employment projections.
  • Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS)
    • The OEWS survey provides wage and employment data on more than 800 occupations and shows how they vary by geographic area and industry.
  • Current Employment Statistics (CES)
    • The CES survey has comprehensive data on employment, hours, and earnings for a specific industry or group of industries via customized tables.
  • Current Population Survey (CPS)
    • The CPS gathers employment and earnings data related to demographic variables such as age, gender, race, and educational attainment.
  • CareerOneStop
    • This site provides links to career resources, including a library of occupational information. Career assessments and other teaching tools are also included.
  • MyNextMove
    • MyNextMove is a search tool that allows users to search for careers by keyword, industry, and interest. There is also a special search that veterans may use.
  • O*NET
    • O*NET provides information about various characteristics of occupations, such as tasks performed in the occupation, physical requirements, and other skills needed.
  • Youth Rules!
    • This is a resource that uses simple language to explain the laws that govern youth employment.