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College Credit

What is College Credit?

While in high school, students can earn credit for both their high school diploma and for their college degree at the same time. 

A typical four-year degree (Bachelor’s degree) is earned after a student completes a minimum of 120 credit hours and satisfies all program requirements in their major. A two-year degree (Associate's degree) is earned after a student completes a minimum of 60 credit hours and satisfies all program requirements in their major.

It is important to keep in mind that a college credit and a high school credit are defined differently. In high school, one credit is normally equivalent to one yearlong class, or two semesters. Dual enrollment courses will vary in how many high school credits they are worth. In college, one credit is equal to one hour of in-class instruction and two hours of additional student work per week over fifteen weeks. In most colleges, students are considered fulltime students if they take between 12-18 credit hours of classes per semester. One class in college is typically 3 credit hours. This means that each semester in college, students normally take anywhere between 4-6 classes.

There are multiple ways for students to receive college credit while they are in high school. At WOHS, there are three main ways that our students can receive college credit. These are Dual Enrolment, AP, and CLEP. Below is a list of all the courses we offer for college credit. There is an in depth explanation of what each one of these options mean on this page as well.

Classes offered at WOHS for College Credit

Dual Enrollment

All of the Dual Enrollment (DE) course offered at WOHS are taught through a partnership with the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM). These classes are taught either online or in person at WOHS.  A student must make at least a “C” in the course to earn credit. Grades from DE classes will be on the student’s college transcript and it will affect their college GPA.

If a student with DE credit is planning to attend school out-of-state or at a private university in state, please be aware that these credits may not transfer. Each university has their own policy in place and not all universities will accept dual enrollment credits.

If a student is planning to attend an in-state institution, please refer to the Master Course Articulation Matrix published by the Louisiana Board of Regents to see which institutions will accept the DE credit from ULM.

In order to enroll in any DE classes, students must:

  • Be classified as a high school sophomore or above
  • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative high school GPA
  • Have an ACT composite score of at least 19, English ACT score of 18 and Math ACT score of 19
  • Pay $150 per DE course to ULM

Please refer to the ULM website for more information about DE.

Advanced Placement

AP (Advanced Placement®) courses offer students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking rigorous courses in high school. Students who demonstrate mastery of the material on a national standardized end-of-course exam – a score of 3 or higher out of 5 – may be eligible for college credit for the course. AP exams cost $95 per test to take and students must be enrolled in the course in order to take the exam. For any questions about AP exams at WOHS, please contact Mrs. Abbie Cates.

College credits earned through AP exams will not affect students’ college GPA. They will just receive credit based off how they perform on the exam.

Every college has a different policy for what AP exams they accept for credit. Please refer to the AP Credit Policy Search to find the AP exam policy of the college you are interested in.



The CLEP exams (College-Level Examination Program) measure a person's knowledge of college-level material for more than 30 specific subjects and allow test-takers to earn college credit. These exams can benefit high school students, continuing education students, military personnel, and college students.

Exams take between 90 to 120 minutes to complete and each one is $89. The test is free for individuals serving in the military. Military family and civilian employees may also be exempt from fees. Generally, a passing score on CLEP is correctly answering 50 out of 80 questions.

At WOHS, some courses offer students the opportunity to take CLEP exams free of charge through Modern States. Students work through the Modern State course during the school year as a part of their normal class work. When the Modern States course is complete, they receive a voucher code to take the CLEP exam for free.

Students may sign up for additional Modern States courses to help them prepare the other CLEP exams. This will only earn them college credit through passing the CLEP exam and it will not count towards their high school graduation.

Just like with AP exams, CLEP exams will not affect students’ college GPA. They will just receive college credit based off how they perform on the exam.

To see which institutions accept CLEP, please refer to the CLEP College Credit Policy Search website.

Below is more information about Modern States.