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ACT and SAT Information

What is the ACT and SAT? 

 The ACT (which formerly stood for the American College Test) and the SAT (which formerly stood for the Scholastic Aptitude Test) are designed to measure college readiness and predict future academic success. All colleges that require standardized testing for admission accept both the ACT and SAT. Colleges have no preference between the two tests. While there has been a growing trend in recent years where some colleges no longer require the ACT or SAT for admission, these test still may be an important factor in determining the amount of academic scholarships to award students. 

All students will take the ACT in March of their junior year during school hours. However, students are encouraged to take the ACT or SAT the first time during the fall of their junior year. If students plan to take duel enrollment courses their sophomore year, they should begin taking the ACT in the Spring Semester of their freshman year to meet qualifications for dual enrollment. 

Students often ask which test is easier. Neither the SAT or ACT is harder than the other. Different students tend to do better on one test over the other. They are just different tests. 

ACT and SAT Comparison

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Register for the ACT at

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ACT and SAT Test Prep

Below are links to free resources to help prepare students for the SAT and ACT. There are free practice versions of each test available along with other free materials to help students to prepare for the tests in each link. There are also paid prep courses that are recommended, but not required to do well on either test. West Ouachita High School does not recommended or endorse any specific test prep course.


ACT Test Prep

SAT College Board

Kaplan (ACT and SAT)

Khan Academy (SAT)

The Princeton Review (ACT and SAT)

Varsity Tutors (ACT and SAT free prep classes)

Number2 (ACT and SAT)

ULM SAT/ACT Prep Series (ACT and SAT)(PAID)