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Team Rules and Policies

Team Rules

—Athletes enrolled in 7th hour PE will report to the track EVERYDAY. (Make-up tests/ work should be handled in GAP).

—Students found skipping 7th hour PE will be written-up and removed from the class period.

—7th hour begins at 2:18. Role will be called at 2:24 every day.

—Athletes who are habitually tardy will be subject to discipline.

—After school practice will almost always be done before 4 pm.

—Athletes will participate in all fundraising. Even if they’re engaged in another sport (basketball, soccer).

—Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors in basketball or football PE will stay in those PE classes and practice after school.

—If it’s under 70 degrees outside, sprinters, jumpers and hurdlers will begin every workout in sweats.

—Athletes will dress out and work out EVERY DAY.

—Athletes will follow all safety procedures associated with their event.

—Athletes will follow all school rules and policies during PE, practices, and meets.

Roll Call Procedure

—2:14- 6th hour ends

—2:18- The bell for 7th hour rings

—2:24- Roll will be called

—Athletes who are late for roll call will do burpees.

—Excessive tardies will lead to a write-up or removal from the class period.

—Athletes found skipping will be written up and removed from the class period on their first offense.